Exercising and playing sport has taught me so much about life and helped me mould into the person I am today... It’s taught me:

1. Discipline 2. Self belief and also self awareness that there is always room to improve 3. YOU are the only person who can make the changes to improve 4. Mindset is everything 5. Pain is temporary 6. Pain is necessary for growth 7. The importance of having likeminded people around you 8. There is always more to learn 9. Before success comes failure (lots of it) 10. The confidence to go for what I want

Everyone can benefit from exercise, not only physically but mentally and these things don’t just help you in the gym or on the sports field but also in everyday life. One of my clients recently told me “I have noticed the biggest change in my mentality and mental health... I am feeling so much better”.

I am proud to have discovered these things through exercise and only wish to pass this on and assist others in discovering their true potential and be the best version of them self.

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