“A lot of times people look at the negative side of what they can’t do. I always look on the positive side of what I can do” - Chuck Norris

Scaling and regressing is important so you are able to work at your body’s capabilities. It also allows you to focus on technique.

Having good technique allows you to move pain free and injury free. Bad technique will only cause extra stress on the joints and cause you to compensate as you recruit muscles that are not needed causing unnecessary strain.

The box jump for example is a great movement for developing power. However when you land on the box in a deep squat the modality of power is not being trained.

To perform a sufficient box jump and one that is training power, you should be aiming to jump as high as you can, landing in a quarter squat. Although it sounds simple a lot of people perform this movement wrong.

If you are landing in the bottom of a squat on the box there are two ways to regress and fix this: 1. Use a lower box 2. Regress to step ups to build the strength needed to do a box jump with correct form. While the exercise won't develop explosive power or vertical jump height the way a box jump does, it will target the same muscle groups on each side of your body. Try adding a slight hop at the top of each step up to develop a little of the power that translates more effectively to a full box jump.

There is no point in performing movements with “bad form”. It is inefficient, likely to cause injury and frankly it doesn’t impress anyone (sorry to break it to you). Don’t let your ego get in the way... regress to progress!

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