Unilateral training is that which entails isolating and using the muscles on one side of the body at a time. This is opposed to distributing the workout evenly between both sides as you do with traditional, bilateral training.

There are many benefits of changing up your training with some unilateral movements: ⭐️Reduced risk of injury as you are strengthening both your dominant and weaker side which will stop your dominant side compensating or your weaker side recruiting muscle for specific movements that they shouldn’t be used for ⭐️Improved core strength and stability as your trunk has to work extra hard with these movements ⭐️Makes you aware of muscular imbalances so you can work on them ⭐️Develops proprioception (sense of self movement and body position)

These movements can also transfer over into bilateral movements, gymnastics movements, sports and just everyday life by increasing strength and body awareness.

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